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Ren is a spiral shaped cross section is triangular, trapezoidal ... how the outside, or the inside of the rotating circular hole.

Lace performing under the projection is quite complicated, inaccurate, work and time consuming rendering. Due to mounting demand and high, so the lace is standard on many aspects, including lace performances drawn by convention's most unified nation.
Complete the process of drawing threaded bolt or nut has its own history from simple to complex (Figure 1):

External shape of relatively complex round TCVN 12-85 regulations lace unconventional performances (Figure 2):

Figure 2a: Axis lace, lace peak envelope drawn with bold solid (Basic), the bottom line is drawn by solid threaded throughout the length piece of lace around the office (limit lace) and a peak envelope some approximation of lace and lace in one step. On the projection plane perpendicular to the threaded cylinder, the bottom lace circle 3/4 circle is shown solid piece drawing.
Figure 2b: Hole aka lace lace, similar to drawing with a threaded cylindrical outer face painting, but with thread diameters D drawing with solid pieces, lace bottom line is represented by basic definition.
When you need to perform the crop, threaded cylindrical section of the following drawing (Figure 3):

Clip length limit of lace (L) is drawn with bold solid line (this is the basic definition) on a projection plane parallel to the axis of lace. Threaded hole is represented entirely by definition hidden (including restricted section lace) on the projection. But on its own sectional view, paragraph lace limits are represented by bold solid.
Sections obtained in a plane perpendicular to the axis of lace. With external thread, lace bottom circle, 3/4 circle plotted by solid piece. With threaded holes (threaded inside), top ring lace bow drawn with 3/4 circle, solid piece.
When you need to perform shallow threaded section (paragraph lace with PROIN incomplete) are transitions between sections have PROIN full lace and lace trim parts, drawn by solid piece (Figure 4):

Where performances retract passage (not threaded cylinder threaded section closely follows - also known as drilling depth primer, if the threaded holes) drawn by the basic definition. If no threaded holes retract grooved, or threaded holes are made from non-metallic materials drawing view (Figure 5).

Figure 6:
a) Figure performers threaded outer office.
b) Figure represented in the threaded hole.
c) Figure partial cut lots of lace, lace hole section.
d) Figure performers taper threaded shaft.
e) Figure fixed performances taper threaded holes.
g) Pictures performing hidden lace holes.
On the mechanical engineering drawings, the REN is performed regularly met with the kind of performances that appear very high frequency on the design drawings.
  Note: In the case of non-standard threaded (threaded support, lace square ...), to express clearly the size of the lace, people often use the partial cut or shaped processing location.
  2. Performance REN joint surface
  REN joints (joints ren), often expressed threaded cylindrical longitudinal section (Figure 7).

In Figure cut the priorities articulated Dies draw (concealed lace Dies).
Taper threaded joints (joints threaded taper British system), on presentation of performing the limits of the standard and the length of the threaded joints for drawing increased taper
a) Performing pipe bolts and nuts
b) performing fasteners joints
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