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22/02/2016 10:25

Joints with bolt - nut joints can be said is the most commonly used today. We can meet these joints everywhere, from industrial equipment, to the construction work and in everyday consumer products.

In the construction industry and are widely used for many different purposes, so should the type fasteners are manufactured with features suitable for the purpose of use.
Today bolt is divided into several types, depending on the manufacturing technology or application scope. The bolts must be designed in such kind of a standard to ensure the installation and as a basis for assessing the quality of the bolts.
Bolts classifications are classified as follows:
- Classification according to materials manufactured bolt
- Divided by category
- Classification bolt manufacturing method and precision machining
- Classification of functional bolt
- Classification by field of use
- Classification in the form of anti-corrosion protection


Chemical composition, mechanical properties, thermal capabilities as a basis for selecting materials and manufacturing bolts they are presented in detail in the standard of steel grade with separate regulations of each step. Accordingly, the bolts can be categorized as follows:
- Bolts are made of carbon steel, alloy steel
- Bolts made of stainless steel
- Bolts are made of ferrous metals and alloys
This classification is related directly to the mechanical properties and conditions of use of bolts. Referring to selecting materials and processing methods can see the bolt type consists of two main groups:
+ Group bolt right through heat treatment: mainly high tensile bolts, durable 8.8 or higher grade. Materials may be made lower mechanical reliability requirements of the corresponding level but after the heat resistance of the product levels to meet demand.
+ Group is not heat-treated bolts: Mainly the bolt or bolts typically have a low intensity (4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 5.8, 6.6 ..). Materials are selected for fabrication must ensure required mechanical strength of the corresponding level.


- External hexagonal bolt
- Bolts Hexagon sink (hexagon)
- Screw Machine (Screw Bolts pake body)
- Screw timber:
- Self-drilling screws:
- Ecu (nut)
- Washers (Gaskets)
- Thanh lace, lace company
- Sleeve anchors
- Nails withdrawal
- Bolt the eye (Eye Bolts)
- Ubolts
- J-Bolts; L - bolts
- Others:
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