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22/02/2016 10:17

304 stainless steel is one of the Nox type common and most popular in the world today. 304 Stainless steel accounts for 50% of the stainless steel produced worldwide. And in Australia, the figure varies from 50% -60% of the stainless steel is produced and consumed. Stainless steel is used almost 304 applications in all fields.

You can find 304 stainless steel everywhere in your daily life, such as pots, pans, pots, spoons, forks, table, chairs, tools for industry as screws bolts nuts and decorations stainless steel type 304L is located ... stainless steel type has lower carbon content of 304 stainless steel (L is the symbol for low-letter, in English meaning lower). 304L is used to prevent corrosion in critical places. 304H stainless steel type is also kind of has a higher carbon content of 304L, are used in areas requiring high reliability. Stainless Steel 304L and 304H are both exist in plate and pipe, but it was produced 304H less.

+ Corrosion protection properties:

Inox 304 has demonstrated resistance to their excellent corrosion when exposed to different chemicals. 304 stainless steel is resistant to rust in most architectural applications, in almost every environment during food processing and very easy to clean. Also, Inox 304 also shows good resistance to corrosion in the textile dyeing her and in most inorganic acid.

+ Heat Resistant:

Inox 304 also demonstrated a good ability to oxidation at high temperature of 870 degrees Celsius, and continued to show up to a temperature of 925 ° C In the case of requests or high-temperature durability, one request materials with a higher carbon content. Example: Under Pressure Vessels Code AS1210 standard limited heat resistance of 304L is 425 degrees C, and prohibits the use of 304 stainless steel with carbon content of 0.04% or higher on the temperature 550 degrees C.
304 stainless steel showing excellent durability when lowering the temperature of the liquefied gas and it has found applications in these temperatures.

+ Mechanical properties and physical properties:

304 stainless steel is like austenitic steels in the line, the magnetic properties of 304 stainless steel is very weak and almost non-existent. But after working in an environment with low temperatures, the magnetism is very strong (this goes against the process of annealing).
In addition, 304 stainless steel hardware can only be increased in low temperature environments. The highest yield stress which achieved 304 Inox is 1000MPa, this is also influenced by factors such as the number and shape of the material.
I was the main method to produce Inox 304. It will heat up to 1010 ° C - 1120 ° C, and then cooled extraordinarily cold by immersion in water.

+ Ability to outsourcing:

304 stainless steel is capable of producing very good shape, it can be laminated without heating. This makes this exclusive stainless steel in the manufacture of stainless steel details.
For example, sinks, pans, pots, tools for industry as screws bolts nuts and ornaments ...... In addition, this property also makes stainless steel wire 304 is used as heterodyne (win ) in industry and vehicles like cars, motorcycles, bicycles ...
304 stainless steel showing excellent weldability, this type of stainless steel suitable for all welding (welding technique winds except stone). Cutting ability of Inox 304 less than other types of carbon steel, the material processing on machines, they must request a low rotation speed, large inertia, cutting tools must be hard, sharp and do not forget to use coolant.

+ Comparison of costs:

Here is a comparison of costs when using 304 stainless steel with other materials:
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